Swing2App Affiliate Program

You'll receive the highest advertising fees whenever Swing2App products are sold

Affiliate Program

Promote your Swing2App and earn money
You'll receive the highest advertising fees whenever Swing2App products are sold.

What is the Swing2App Affiliate Program?

  • Promote Swing2App on your blog, homepage or social media.
  • Affiliate program that receives a portion of the user’s sales amount from by my ad as a fee
  • The revenue of users who access your ads becomes your profits for life.
  • With Swing2App, anyone can become a marketer and share the profits of Swing2App.

Swing2App affiliate application and process

Through a simple application process, you can inform the Swing2App and get the best profit!

  • Apply for an affiliate program

    Apply for an affiliate program - Qualify after reviewing on Swing2App

    • Fill out the Affiliate Program Application
    • Swing2App team review (1-2 days)
    • Review completion approval
    • Provide administrator screen and dedicated URL

  • Ad or promotion

    Promote the provided links through various media such as blog, homepage, SNS, etc.

    • Blog and site promotion (banner, site introduction)
    • SNS promotion (banner, site introduction)
    • Messenger promotion or Kakao Talk, LINE, etc.
    • Managers continue to promote

  • Revenue generation

    Take 20-40 profits from the sales of your customers.

    • Introduced user revenue
    • Revenue Settlement on a Monthly Settlement Date
    • Settlement amount deposited to beneficiary account
    • Tax invoice and receipt can be issued

Affiliate Program Return

We will inform you the rate of return for the purchase of Swing2App Pass.


Swing2App 1 month pass

If you sell a one-month Swing2App ticket, you will earn 30%.


Swing2App 6 months pass

20% profit is generated when selling a 6-month Swing2App ticket.


Swing2App 12 months pass

When you sell a 12-month Swing2App pass, you get 15% profit.

*The settlement amount is settled excluding 10% VAT of the sale amount.


Swing2App Affiliate Program Benefits

Get more benefits by applying for the affiliate program!

Sales of users who accessed my ads are my lifetime revenue

From now on, make money

From Swing2App!


For any other questions, please check through the inquiry or frequently asked questions.

[Affiliate Program Manager]

Mail: help@swing2app.com

Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

1. The Affiliate Program settlement unit price table may be changed on a six-month basis.

2. Reassessment of the affiliate program targets every 6 months. (Performance check for 6 months)

3. If the company determines that the activity is inappropriate or that the activity is insufficient after the examination, the authority may be forfeited.

4. If it is judged to be the purpose of using your own discount, not the profit purpose of promoting the affiliate program, you may be reimbursed.

5. Affiliate revenue applies only to *Swing2App General Pass-Basic, Expandable and Premium only. (Plug-in products, frugal products, and packaged products are not applicable)

6. Affiliate program management can be found on the Swing2App homepage Manager page → My Menu →  Affiliate Program.

7. Users who are counted as users of affiliate programs are only new members who are new to Swing2App. (Existing subscribers are excluded)

8. Settlement will be settled only for the actual payments made, such as deposits and card payments, among those who accessed the user’s affiliate URL.(If a free coupon is used, it is not counted)

9. Settlement is on the 1st of each month, and is calculated after counting sales for the previous month up to the 25th.