This event is a regular event and will be held at all times without a deadline.

1. The survey can only be participated by those who made the first app production after joining Swing2App.(Existing users join X)

2. You can participate only once per swing2app ID. (Duplicate Participation X)

3. Survey prizes will be sent to you with a coupon to your account-email address. Please check the email as we will send you the coupon usage instruction.

4. Since the first app production is done through filtering, you can not give the prize to those who conducted the survey for cheating.

Thank you for using swing2app production.

Create an app with swing2app and leave your reviews on social media (Instagram, Facebook) or blog.

Leave your review and we’ll send you a ‘Swing2App Paid App Ticket’ or ‘App Storage Extra Ticket’.


Anyone who have written a review on social media (Instagram etc.) or on the blog after the creation of Swing2App.



Please select one of the additional products for your swing2app ticket and app storage.

Select one of the basic swing2app ticket (1 month) or add 2GB of app storage (3 months).



Please let us know your participation in the Swing2App Homepage > Tickets.

Check in real time daily by agents Send the goods by email daily until 5pm.

If you leave after 5pm at the end, you will be issued a profit day, and the weekend will be issued on Monday.



This event is a regular event and is held at all times without a deadline.

1. You can only participate once per swing2app ID. (Duplicate Participation X)

2. Reviews made with private accounts are not available for tickets.

3. If the written reviews are deleted, providing a ticket is difficult.

4. Reviews must be accompanied by three or more photo images (swing2app production screen, app launch screen capture, etc.) and text must be written together.