Terms and conditions of Play Store and App Store

Terms of Use related to Play Store and App Store

Terms of Use related to Play Store and App Store Uploads

Swing2App service operated by Hustay Co., Ltd. will proceed with the Play Store and App Store upload agency when requesting a store upload application after creating an app.

In this regard, we will inform you of the terms and conditions related to the use of Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


Play Store and App Store Upload Compliance

  1. For issues related to the policies of the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, Swing2App only announces, but does not resolve the issues.
  2. Problems in the store such as the App Store, Play Store, etc. that are not related to the app will not be consulted by Swing to App.
  3. The App Store and Play Store app will not be registered if unauthorized use of intellectual property-protected contents or impersonating the same name as the app released on the market or by stealing the trademark is  done in anyway.
  4. The App Store prohibits personal information related to the app-items such as mobile phone number, gender, and address. If you have filled in the relevant items when registering for membership, please delete them at the time of screening.
  5. If the screening is denied(rejected) at the time of registration, even if it is not released to the market, the agency fee will not be refunded for apps that have already been registered (apps that have been uploaded).
  6. Swing2App is not responsible for any sanction or damages caused by the distribution (publishing) service of each store.
  7. Admob service provided by Google also does not provide consultation and technical information.
  8. Swing2App does not provide registration for Apple or Google developer accounts.
  9. Swing2App conducts only Play Store and App Store upload agency.
    *We do not conduct sales or promotions, such as exposing your app to the top of the store or posting a search ranking.
    *The Play Store may not be exposed when searching for an app name even if the app is operating normally. Even if it doesn’t search, there is nothing wrong with it.
  10. If Google or Apple refuses to upload, we will email you the reason for rejection and its action.
    *Re-examination will be conducted at no additional cost. Re-examination is only possible if the user confirms the action listed in the e-mail and returns a reply.
    * If you do not reply to the action within a week (7 days), the upload will be suspended and processed as pending registration. (If you contact us again while registration is pending, we will proceed with the review process)
  11. App Store and Play Store upload tickets are only available in the Paid Version of the app. (Available after paying the app ticket, not available in the Free Version)
  12. The Play Store review period takes at least 1 day and up to 7 days, and the App Store review period takes 1 week to 2 weeks.


Play Store App Registration Policy_ August 2019 Policy Change Added

  1. In order to register the app on the Play Store, users must create their own Google developer account. How to create a Google Developer Account
    1. If the user can register the app directly with the created developer account, only the Swing2App fee is paid and uploaded. How to launch Play Store app
    2. If we need to upload the app with your developer account (representative registration), please purchase the Play Store upload ticket ($5) and apply for upload.(Manager → Manage Version → Production History page → Click [Play Store Upload Request] button to apply).
    3. Enter the Google Developer account ID and password in the upload application form, and you can register the app with that account.
  2. The following cases are not registered and it is difficult to release the Play Store due to policy violations.

    1. Unauthorized use of copyright-protected content or if you are impersonating the same name as an app already released on the market, or theft of a trademark right. *Non-release
    2. Google Play Store policy does not permit content or services that promote online gamblingsuch as online casinos, sports betting, lottery tickets, or gambling games that offer cash or other prizes. *Non-release
    3. Apps that sell alcohol, tobacco, nicotine, electronic cigarettes or contain related content are not permitted. *Non-release
    4. Apps that contain or promote pornography is not allowed. In general, content for sexual gratification is not allowed. *Non-release 
    5.  Apps such as gift certificates, mobile phone micro-payment commercialization, micro-payment cashing, etc. are prohibited by Google in relation to the Information and Communication Act and the Financial Law. *Non-release
    6. Insufficient app production – This is the case when the design quality, such as icon image, is low or there is no content content in the app. *Non-release
    7. Paid apps are not available. Only free apps can be acted upon, and if you sell apps, you must register them yourself. *Non-release
    8. An app created by connecting only an external web link (URL) is a violation of the webview app policy. **Especially if you hang on to portal sites such as Naver, sns, YouTube, or popular websites, app cannot be released because of a violation of ownership. Please be sure to keep in mind.
    9. Prohibit content such as selling imitation luxury goods, replica products, and counterfeit products.
    10. Corona 19(COVID-19)-related apps not released_ March 2020 policy added.
  3. 2018.04 Policy change_Update Settings Change
    When updating, due to the Google policy change in April, the update window does not appear directly within the app, but has been changed to receive updates through the Play Store.
    – On Android phones, even if the app downloaded from the Play Store is updated, the update window will not appear when the app is launched.
    – It will be automatically updated on your device according to the Google Play update settings set for each Android phone.
    It is a user’s choice when to update or not to update, so the time to reflect app updates on the phone is also different.
  4. 2019.01 Policy change_Old version Android phone not supported
    Apps released on the Google Play Store cannot be used on mobile phones with Android version 4.3 or lower.
    Google does not support the app on older Android phones anymore, so even if the app is released on the Play Store, users using the version 4.3 or lower cannot install the app.
  5. Google App Filtering
    Google may suddenly drop the app after a certain period of time even if the app has been successfully released to the Play Store. (Filtering after app launch is more tricky than initial screening because researchers check the content.)
    When the app is deleted, Google sends the reason for the policy violation to the user’s Google developer account email.
    If you check the contents and follow the measures, the app will be restored again as long as there is no violation of policy. Please note that we do not solve the issues that occur after the release of the app.
  6. 2019.08 Policy changes
    1. Change app review time
      *New developer accounts: Average 7 days
      *Existing developer accounts (Developer Accounts with Original Release History): Average 4 days
      The exact screening schedule cannot be given because the screening time has not been set and varies from case to case. It seems that the screening time has been temporarily increased, but due to policy, but we haven’t heard anything from Google.
    2. Enhanced app filtering
      App filtering has been enhanced, and more and more apps are being reassigned or deleted after the app is released.
    3. App policy reinforcement
      In addition to the Play Store Basic Policy, policies are continually being added.
      Please visit the Google Developer Center to check the policy. [Google Developer Policy Center]
  7. 2019.10 Policy
    * Changed app search exposure policy * Important
    Even if an app is released on the PlayStore, it will not be detected or exposed directly from the PlayStore.
    Google’s algorithm changes have enabled apps to be activated (app installs) to prevent indiscriminate app launches, and then switch search impressions. As a result, you may not immediately be able to see your app by the app name that it’s released, a
    fter checking the usage status of the app, if there is no problem, it is converted to exposure.
    Users are encouraged to download the app using the launch URL link. After some time, app name search will be exposed.
  8. 2020.01 Policy
    *Submit proof documents according to Google Webview spam policy
    When launching on the Play Store with the webview or push version app, please submit the business registration certificate and website domain registration documents that can confirm the business information of the website.
    Submitting documents is not required.
    However, according to the Google WebView spam policy, it is often rejected if the webview cannot be verified to be owned by the user.
    * The webview spam policy is a policy that determines whether a website linked to the app is owned by the user or not using someone else’s website without permission. Therefore, you can release the app without any problems by submitting the above proof documents from the app review submission.
    For those who upload to us, we receive the documents and submit them together. For those who upload directly, please submit the documents in the store registration information.


App Store App Registration Usage Policy_July 2018 Policy Change Added

  1.  To register an app on the App Store, you can create a developer account for a user account or proxy registration with a Swing2App account.
    *Apple developer registration fee is $129 per year. The fee must be renewed every year.  How to create an Apple Developer account
    *Please check the following for proxy registration for Swing2App company account.
  2. .If it is difficult to create an App Store Apple developer account, you can also register as a Swing2App account. *You can register the app on behalf of the Swing2App developer account, but we can proceed with the following consent stipulations:
    1. In the App Store, the name of the developer is listed as the company name of ‘HYU STAY CO’.
    2. Since the account is registered with Swing2App, the user cannot use the App Store Connect (developer) site.
      * You cannot respond to comments or user comments running on the App Store, and app statistics cannot be checked.
    3.  As apps from other users work together in one account, if another user violates the Apple policy and the app is stopped, the use of other apps may also be suspended.
    4. Due to sanctions in the App Store, the app may be deleted and the account may be deleted. In this case, the swing is unable to respond or handle anything.
    5. If you have registered your app on behalf of the app and received a re-payment from the App Store at one time, you must use the developer account you created yourself.
    6. If you sell a paid app, you must create a developer account for your users, and the price can only be set at the price point provided by Apple, so you must contact us in advance.
  3. How to Apply for App Store Upload
    1. Purchase the App Store Upload Ticket ($20) along with the Swing2App paid app pass.
    2. Apply by clicking the Manager → Manager Version → Production History page → [App Store Upload Request] button.
    3. After entering the items in the market upload application and clicking the Apply button, the application will be delivered to the Swing2App iOS representative.
      * When applying for upload, if you have an Apple developer account, enter the developer ID and password / If you do not have an Apple developer account, please agree to the proxy registration for Swing to App.
    4. We will proceed to upload the App Store with the content. _ Within 1 ~ 2 weeks of the examination period
      (Due to many cases where the screening is rejected, the time required for approval may be longer.)
      *Please note: The App Store cannot be uploaded directly by the user, and andan only be uploaded on behalf of the Swing2App. (The source required when registering the app store, it cannot be accessed by anyone other than the app developer)
  4. The following cases are not registered and it is difficult to release the App Store due to policy violations. *Important!!
    1. If it is determined to be in violation of apple’s policy, the upload request may be cancelled with the Swing2App permission.
    2. Apps created by corporations, companies, and companies, except for individual users, must create their own Apple developer accounts.
    3. Apps that promote online gambling, such as online casinos, spot bets, lotteries or game games that offer cash or other prizes, are not allowed. (Non-release)
    4. Apps that sell alcohol, tobacco, nicotine, electronic cigarettes or contain related content are not allowed. (Non-release)
    5. Apps that contain or promote pornography, such as pornography, are not permitted. In general, content intended for sexual satisfaction is not permitted. (Non-release)
    6. Apps such as gift certificates, mobile phone micropayments merchandising, and small payment cashing are apps prohibited by Apple in relation to the Information and Communication act and the Financial Law. (Non-release)
    7. Prohibition of content such as sales of imitation luxury goods, replica products, and counterfeit products (not available)
    8. Apps that sell financial products, financial consulting, loans, cryptocurrencies, binary options or provide related products and services are not permitted.
    9. Copyright/Intellectual Property Rights Violation : In case of unauthorized use of the intellectual property rights of a third party or other company. In particular, if you upload third-party content or video and generate advertising revenue in the app, approval is not allowed.
    10. Prototype- Webview and Push-produced apps may not be released due to the lack of approval by Apple policy when creating Swing apps.
      However, there are some apps that are released, so the webview app needs to be reviewed to know if it will be released. We will help you launch the App Store by appealing as much as possible.
      * Please note that the upload ticket fee will not be refunded for apps that have registered for the App Store even if the store release is rejected.
    11. Please make sure that the app does not violate our policy, as we will not re-register the app after the first registration is rejected.
    12. Apps for internal use: It is difficult to release an app store that is used only inside the company (only used by company employees) or that allows only certain users to use it.
    13. Apps that do not use the functions required by the app: Apps that connect only external web links (URLs) or that do not have the content of the app are not approved by Apple because they determine that they do not use the app feature.
    14. Collection of personal information: When the app asks for the gender, contact, and address of users you don’t need. (If the information is not required to use the app, it will be rejected in screening.)
      In other words, if the login is linked to Kakao Talk, Facebook, Naver, etc. in addition to the normal login in the webview app on the website, you must also add an Apple account login. _ Added policy in February 2020.
      This is not applicable if you only provide general website login or app login.
    15. When  selling in-app digital products, you can request to set up an Apple in-app payment module in the app store. (The use of electronic payment module such as general card payment is not possible)                                                                                                                                                                 Digital products include videos, lectures, content sales, rights sales, documents, and usage rights. All products except physical products or reserved products.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    In-app setting can be done through Swing2App development, but development costs vary depending on the volume of the app. Price information will be available after consultation. 
    16. All references to institution names such as hospitals, government agencies, and school names in the app contents are rejected by the App Store due to violation of intellectual property rights.
      If a specific institution’s name is listed in the app, you must register by creating a developer account with that institution’s name. Uploading is not possible with Swing2App. _ Policy added in March 2020
    17. Prohibition of launching Corona 19(COVID-19) related apps _ Added policy in March 2020