What is free App Development Swing2App?

Swing2App is a free app development service that you create yourself.
There is no development cost, no construction cost, and production is free.
Create your app by applying various functions to the App development tool provided by Swing2App.

Create your app by applying various functions for the app development provided by Swing2App.
Manage your app’s operations anytime, anywhere.
You can customize the menu and use various functions for free.
Create your app by applying various functions for the app production provided by Swing2App.

Best solution for Mobile App Development without Code

Develop your mobile application without any coding.
You can create and check your apps 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Service optimized for mobile platform

Supports all the devices operating on various platforms.

– Supports Android app development
– Supports Apple iPhone app development
– Supports Mobile web authorization
– iPad and tablet compatible


Powerful App Operations

After launching the app, we provide various features for app production such as push notification, membership management, etc.

– HTML authoring tool
– Industry specific template pages
– Image-based page creator
– Various bulletin board features and tools
– Unlimited free shipping
– Powerful app management tool


App Production

You can check your app in real-time as you create an app by providing various tools for initial app production and distribution.

– Real-time app development
– Real-time virtual machine
– iPhone Preview App
– APK download function
– Fast app creation in 3-5 minutes


User Support

Anyone can easily access the customer service if required for the app production and uploading app on the stores.

– Online and Landline Customer Center
– Online help
– Customized services
– Google Play Store and Apple Store registration agency
– Reasonable usage fee

Manage your app’s operations anytime, anywhere

Apps can be developed in just 5 steps!

Complete your apps with ease. Check out the created app!

Free features provided by Swing2App

Swing2App provides various features required for app production and operation for free.

Most Frequently asked questions

Swing2App provides various features required for app production and operation for free.

How can I use Swing2App? Is it free?

Swing2App is a service where you can create your own apps. After completing a simple subscription on the homepage you can create your app.

We provide all of the authoring tools, so you can create apps by typing on top of the authoring tools without any coding.

Swing2App production and app operation are all free.

Therefore, users can use all the functions for free without any restrictions.

What is the difference between the Paid version and the Free version of Swing2App?

The first difference between a paid version and a free version is the difference between being able to launch (commercialized) in the Store and not being able to do it.

Free is available only as an Android phone installation file, and paid can be commercialized and released in stores such as the Play Store and App Store.

The second is the difference in capacity.

The free version provides 100MB, while the paid version offers 2GB. (The app size varies depending on the paid product)

Third, the number of app creations is different.

Paid users can create up to 10 apps per account, and free users can create up to three apps per account.

In addition, there are differences in the number of bulletin board productions, the establishment of group chat rooms, and the limit of the number of users.

The free version is also available for most features, so try it out for free and switch to pay if needed.

[Swing2App Pricing Policy]

How to edit and update the app after creation?

Swing2App has no restrictions on app modification and update, and can be freely edited and used.

There is no work page to edit (update) the app content, so please go to the same [app production page] when you make the modification.

You can continue the update by overwriting the existing app.

After saving, press the [App Production Request] button to update it to a new version and make it a reproduction.

What happens if the subscription period expires while using the paid app?

If you do not pay for your subscription after the expiration of the paid app period, your app will be suspended.

Apps released to the Store will not be deleted or removed. However, when you open the app, you’ll see a message that says “The paid subscription period has expired” and the app won’t run.

Users who have previously downloaded an app from the market will also be restricted from using the app when the message appears.

Once you pay for your subscription, you won’t receive the message, and you’ll be able to use the app again normally.

If your administrator wants to use the app for free again, please delete the app that was already installed on your phone and recreate the app again as a new version.

After the paid period ends, the version is free, so you can use it as a free app.

How to check my app on phone?

*There are two ways to download and check the app you created on your phone.

*Android phones can be checked by installing the app on your phone, and available as a preview on the iPhone.

1) Installing APK file for Android Phone.

When you make an app production request, APK file will be sent to you by e-mail.

You can download the APK file to your phone and install the app.

You can download the APK file from the swing2app operation page → version control → app production history.

*Only available on Android phones (For iPhone please check below)

2) Check the swing2app preview (app preview)

Please download the official [Swing2App] app from the App Store and Play Store.

After launching the app → Select the top of the category [App Preview] menu → Please log in with your account subscribed to swing2app in the admin login window.

In the app preview, you can see a list of apps created by swing2app.

-iPhone: Check by pressing the Preview button.

-Android: Preview or app download available.

*Please note that for the iPhone only preview is available and not downloaded. (Apps created with Push and Web View cannot be checked on the iPhone)

Cannot check free version of iPhone

The free version of the app created by Swing2App can only be downloaded and installed on Android phones.

The iPhone only uses apps downloaded from the official App Store..

iPhone users can view the app with a preview.

You can check the app you created on the iPhone as ‘Preview’ using [App Preview] in the official swing2app.

[How to use swing2app preview]

1) Please download the official [Swing2App] app from the app store.

2) After launching the app → Select the top of the category [App Preview] menu → Please log in with your account subscribed to swing2app in the admin login window.

3) In the app preview, you can see a list of apps created by swing2app.

*However, apps created with prototypes – push and web views cannot be viewed with swing2app preview.

Is it possible to act on the market at Swing2App?

When you release your paid version of the app in the Store, App registration in the App Store and Play Store can be carried out on behalf of the swing2app.

You can purchase an upload ticket and apply.

-App Store upload ticket cost: $20

-Play  Store upload ticket cost: $5

If the Play Store can be uploaded directly, the user can release it directly, and the App Store can only be uploaded.

Please check the link below on how to apply for upload.

[Play Store Upload Application]

[App Store Upload Application]

Inform us about your time of release for each store

[App Store]

It typically takes more than 1 – 2 weeks for release after the review period.

Normally, if there is no problem with the app, it will be released within two weeks.

However, please note that Apple may take longer because it is often denied review.

[Play Store]

The Play Store typically takes 1 weeks to complete and release.

If there is no problem with the review, it will usually be released within 1 weeks.

What is the price of the ticket when using the paid app?

Swing2App offers a wide range of voucher.

The price varies depending on the app capacity, the number of bulletin boards, and the services provided.

*In general, many users use the most basic voucher $33 (including VAT) for one month.

For more information on product prices, please visit the Swing2App homepage – swing2app voucher and ticket purchase page.

[Swing2App Pricing Policy]

App UI provided by Swing2App

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