Swing2App Preview

service that allows you to view apps created by Swing2App in real time

What is Swing2App Preview(App preview)?

App Preview is a service that allows you to view apps created by Swing2App in real time.

Even if you don’t download and install APK files, you can now use Swing2App to preview apps on your phone. 

You can easily preview apps created on your iPhone.

How to use the app preview?

Features provided by Swing2App preview

My App List

You can check all the apps in your account, not only with your administrator’s log in but also with your secondary administrator log in(associate admin).

App Download

Downloaded app can be installed and used directly on your phone.

* Only available on Android phones

App Preview

No need to install the app, you can preview the app you’ve created.

* Available on Android and iPhone

QR code Scan

Scan the QR code provided by Swing2App to preview the app.


1. Please use App Preview in the official Swing-to-App app.

2. Even if you do not use the app preview, you can install the Android phone through the APK file download mail sent after app creation. (How to install the existing APK file)

3. When using the app as a preview, push notifications and sharing functions are not applied.
– To use push notifications and sharing functions, download the app and install the app.

4. App update
-After updating the app, run the app preview to use the updated version. 
-After updating the app, run the app download to update to the new version.

5. Prototype-push, app created with web view is not possible to preview the app. (Download only)
-Therefore, apps created with push and web view cannot be checked on the iPhone.

6. As of the release date (September 2017), apps created 3 months ago will not be previewed. If you made an app a long time ago, make sure to make the app again and check the new version.

7. On the iPhone, the app is not downloaded, only the preview is available.