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Swing2App update, 3rd week of August 2022

 [Update Features]

We have added a tool to set permission access pop-up for web apps (WebView, Push apps)

App Access Permission Pop-up

With help of this tool, now users can set and modify the permission access pop-up window which appears in the web app after user installs the app.

What is the Allow Permissions pop-up feature?

Allow permission access is a pop-up window that appears during initial installation of the app to get permission to access some features of the app users’ phone for smooth app operation.

Here you can select permission options that you wish to get access of when user install your app.

After installing the web app (WebView, Push app), this pop-up message will appear during the first time launch of the app.

From this pop-up, user will get to know what permission of their mobile is required to grant access, permissions like access to the camera, access to use external storage (downloading, media access) and location access.

You can modify the permission instructions in the advanced settings to match the required permission of your website which is connected to your web app.


▶ How to use

On MakerV3 screen

1)Select advanced settings

2)Click on drop-down arrow-> Select App Production Settings

3)Here you will see all three permission access options (Use camera permission, use location permission and use external storage permission)

4)Click on the [EDIT] button for each item to set or remove permission option (click on drop-down arrow to select YES or NO option)

5)Click on the [Save] button.

6)Click on the [App Update] button.

Swing2app Update History

New service launch

Distribution of low-volume version apps _ January 2019

Released Swing Preview App_ September 2017

Released the free commercial version of Swing_August 2017

Released Swing Shop (Swing Shopping Mall) _ May 2017

Affiliate Program Release_January 2017

Released Swing version 2.1 _June 2016


Add new app features and improve features

Add blocking function and improve reporting function_Week 4 of September 2021

Improve the survey period end action_Week 4 of September 2021

Improved sorting of replies (large comments) _Week 1 of December 2019

Chat list feature update_Week 3 of November 2019

Improved calendar function: Added option to set time in minutes_ 2nd week of July 2019

Map (location registration) bulletin board UI style update_July 1st, 2019

Released large comment (reply) function_Week 3 of May 2019

Improved download screen and added sharing function_Week 4 of April 2019

Added QR code error message_Week 4 of April 2019

Added full screen video button_Week 4 of April 2019

Cannot process reservations that have been overdue_Week 4 of April 2019

Developed app exit review button_Week 4 of March 2019

Added 1: 1 Chat [Chat List] function_Week 2 of March 2019

Revised 1: 1 chat design_Week 2 of March 2019

Private App-App End Screen Modification_Week 1 of March 2019

Improved file download process_Week 1 of March 2019

Added the message setting function for membership registration_Week 3 of January 2019

Changed the shape of the file attachment icon_Week 3 of January 2019

Added the ability to view favorites (collected and displayed ‘Like’ one post) _ 2nd week of January 2019

Supplementing the calendar function correction_Week 3 of December 2018

Change the app sharing comment_Week 4, November 2018

App home screen-Improved application of bulletin board ‘writing screen’ _Week 4 of November 2018

Use of the app- Improved the speed of uploading bulletin board photos, processing the background of photo upload_Week 2 of November 2018

Post Comment-New line processing (line feed) correction _ 1st week of November 2018

App registration: Added ‘ID duplicate search function’_Week 4 of August 2018

Modified to register profile image when registering as an app_Week 1 of August 2018

E-mail ID setting: Adding authentication mail sending_Week 4 of July 2018

Top, Footer prototype sub-menu design renewal_Week 2 of July 2018

App access notification popup added_Week 3 of November 2017

App home screen-App introduction screen style change_Week 3 of October 2017

New release of the app ‘Admin page’ function_Week 4 of September 2017


New and improved app operation functions

Member Inquiry – Member Creation Function Launch_2nd week of March 2021

Bulletin board: Adding the sort order feature for posts_2nd week of January 2021

Survey Management Functions: Survey Option Feature added_2nd week of January 2021

Swing Shop Reservation System: Check-in, check-out reservation date added_ 3rd November 2019

Added batch deletion function_ 3rd November 2019

Swing Shop product registration page design update_ 1st September 2019

Link Wizard Design Update_ 1st September 2019

Web Template Page Update: New Design Added_ 3rd July 2019

Added calendar event download function_ 3rd July 2019

Swing Shop product registration: Added single delivery option_ 2nd July 2019

Open the app string management screen _ 2nd June 2019

Swing Shop-Item Collection Method Added_ 3rd May 2019

Added audio file upload function_ 3rd May 2019

Added post download function_ 2nd May 2019

View Post Change Style_ 2nd May 2019

Swing Shop) Reservation product order page Add company information_ 2nd May 2019

Message display function after confirming push notification_Week 1st April 2019

Admin screen: App member name change_ 1st April 2019

Development of automatic issuance of coupon after stamp registration completion_ 4th March 2019

Swing Shop) Reservation product [Time reservation setting] option added_ 4th March 2019

Swing Shop) Added a button to check deposits without bankbook_ 2nd March 2019

Swing Shop) Link to product inquiry link_ 1st March 2019

Added integrated notification function-App push delivery, post comment notification_ 2nd February 2019

Added payment product usage screen _ 5th January 2019

Post creation-HTML editor function update_ 5th Jan 2019

Added advanced board option _ 2nd January 2019

Statistical function update _ 1st January 2019

Post Management-Added the ability to display the number of views for each post_ 1st January 2019

Web template page-Added top and bottom margin adjustment function_ 3rd December 2018

Added individual copy function_ 2nd November 2018

Bulletin board detail page: Added option to display author name and creation date_ 2nd November 2018

Full search function: Post search, App filter added_ 3rd October 2018

Swing Shop Order Management Page: Added product name search_ 3rd October 2018

Web template page: button added, number of characters automatically opened_ 3rd  October 2018

Google Map (Google Map) Bulletin Board New Update_ 3rd September 2018

Applying push notifications for booking posts_ 3rd  September 2018

New Calendar _ 1st September 2018

Admin Chat Room: Improved viewing of previous chat list _ 1st September 2018

Additional improvement with 100 bulletin board images _ 4th August 2018

Added resource management (check app capacity) _ 1st August 2018

Collection of app activities: Filter function added_ 4th July 2018

Swing Shop: Added out of stock settings for each product_ 4th July 2018

View post Added UI style_ 1st July 2018

Add post reservation setting_ 1st July 2018

Whether to post: Public or private setting_ 1st July 2018

Add temporary storage_1st July 2018

Link Wizard [Admin Chat] menu added_ 2nd June 2018

Bulletin Board [Completion Form Title Form] Revision_ 2nd June 2018

App operation page [Use of license] Immediate reflection on the dashboard_1st June 2018

App operation page-Speed ​​improvement of statistics menu_ 1st June 2018

App Subscription Policy-App disclosure menu added_ 2nd May 2018

Added 1: 1 chat room [Member Information] item_ 4th April 2018

Released integrated notification function _ 3rd April 2018

Chat Manager Page Released_ 3rd April 2018

App sign-up policy-Privacy policy item added_ 3rd November 2017

Bulletin board-Set stamp quantity, add hashtag operator, add thumbnail image function_ 1st  November 2017

Push system replacement_ 2nd  August 2017


New and improved app production features

Push-Only App iPhone Updates_ 2nd Jun 2021

New features released_ 1st December 2019

Template page creation tool screen design update_ 1st  September 2019

Web navigation ‘Back’ key added (Advanced setting) _2nd August 2018

[App introduction page] Automatically reflected when modified and saved_ 2nd  August 2018

Prototype: Drop-down box NEW released_ 2nd July 2018

App creation tutorial_ 4th  May 2018

Additional update of web template page industry_ 3rd  May 2018

Design theme-App main design style, app navigation style function added_4th November 2017

Change of prototype design style_ 3rd October 2017

Prototype: ‘Slide’ UI Style Update_ 4th September 2017


Swing2App Website Modifications

App production wizard design reorganization in swing2app version 2 _ 1st  November 2019

Version management-Market registration management, market registration record, app production history page design update_ 1st September 2019

Bulletin board management: Pop-up design feature setting update_ 4th August 2019

Swing shop- Order management: ‘Order information’ pop-up design update_ 4th August 2019 

Swing2App web dashboard reorganization_ 1st  July 2019

Swing2App Homepage-Landing Page NEW Opening! _ 2nd April 2019

My payment status-Tax invoice, cash receipt request function added_ 2nd February 2019 

Added swing2app homepage login maintenance feature_ 2nd February 2019

Added automatic card payment function_ 3 rd January 2019

Launched new swing package  _ 1st  December 2018

Speed ​​up Swing website_ 4th  July 2018

My payment status menu-Display paid app usage period, check payment history receipt

My payment status menu-Display paid app usage period, check payment history receipt_ 2nd January 2018

App production engine upgrade_ 4th  October 2017