Special Global Launch Offer for New Users

Swing2APP Announced Special Launch Offers for New Users

Swing2App welcomes new users with exciting offers and coupons. We aspire to give our users best experience of app creation. We have created Coupon policy in such a way that every new user will get benefit irrespective of packages elected. With these coupons, user’s can experience paid service with low or no cost at all.

We have created two different types of offer for new user each has it’s own benefit. New user coupon offers many benefits like free storage worth 2 GB capacity for Default paid product users, Buy 1 get 1 offer which is applicable on all 3 paid products. By use of these coupons users can save up to $100.

Offer 1. Get Free Storage Ticket worth 2 GB.

 Check out the Details of the Event:

  How to participate in this event? 

  • Users must create an app
  • Users must purchase Default paid package
  • Users must upload app on Store

 How to get event offer?

  • Users must share their store upload app link on customer inquiry board (Swing app manager page → customer centre → contact us)
  • We will review and confirm your eligibility for this offer
  • We will send you coupon offer via mail

 What will you get?

  • User will get coupon worth 2 GB storage

 How to apply coupon? 

  • After receiving coupon, users can apply code while purchasing storage ticket.
  • (Manager -> Paid Product -> Storage Ticket -> Select quantity -> Put code on check point -> Apply)

Term and Conditions and Instructions explained at the end of this page.

Steps to follow [image] create app -> purchase paid service -> upload on store -> send us proof -> receive coupon -> apply coupon on check point.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Paid App Package

◊ Check out the Details of the Event:

 How to participate in this event?

  • Users must create an app
  • Users must buy either of any paid ticket (Default, Expandable or Premium)

 How to get event offer? 

  • After you purchase your first paid app package, we will send you coupon for the same package.

 What will you get?

  • User will get 100 % Off worth paid product price for their second purchase of same paid product

 How to apply coupon?

  • When you’ve to purchase paid product for next month, you can apply coupon code at check out and avail this offer.

Term and Conditions and Instructions explained at the end of this page.

Why Swing2App

Swing2App is free platform to develop mobile apps, anyone can access all features easily without providing card details. Free features start from creating and installing app on phone to managing app and updates after store upload There is no time limit or restrictions for using free features of Swing2App.

Swing2App also have paid products which lets user to access advanced features like store upload, Plug-ins, in-app messaging etc. Users only pay for the service they use, and they can stop anytime. We do not have any extra or hidden charges.

Also, Swing2App creates many events time to time to provide users with a variety of coupons to make their experience smooth and pocket friendly. So, step up and join us to avail coupons and other time to time special offers. We will always have special coupon for all our sincere users.

 Terms and conditions?

  • This offer is applicable for New users only
  • Only new users who have either of paid product (Default, expandable or premium) purchase can avail this offer
  • This is one-time coupon only


  • Once you avail coupon it is usage will start from that day only, so avail coupon when your previous package/coupon is about to end in a day or so.