Special Offer for App Creators

Swing2App celebrates app creators’ journey by providing special coupon offer to users who successfully reaches milestones set by swing2app and get to be eligible for the grand offer. Anyone can avail this offer who has purchased Expandable paid app ticket, uploaded their app on store and has reached 1k MAU/download count. Swing2App understands the hard work behind reaching to this point, so has decided to set no minimum deadline to achieve the goal.

In this special offer Swing2App provides not only special discount for 6 months’ package worth $260 but also users will get Swing2app’s support for promoting their app for free on swing’s blog, SNS and other platforms by which user’s will be able to reach wide range of audience.

How to participate in this event? 

1. Users must subscribe our Expandable Package for their app.

2. Users must upload app on store.

3. Users must have minimum 1k MAU/ download count on store.

What will you get in this offer?

1. Users will get 100% Off for 6 months on Expandable paid ticket.

2. Swing2App will promote your app on its SNS and website.

Terms and condition?

  1. Users must subscribe our Expandable Plan.
  2. Users can avail this coupon only one time.
  3. This coupon can be availed on only Expandable paid app package.
  4. User must give us permission to feature and promote their app as reference.
  5. Users can avail and apply this coupon for 1 app only.


1. Swing team can reject user’s application for coupon, if app count does not reach milestone set by Swing2App or users are not using Expandable paid ticket for their app.
2. Once you purchase paid ticket by using coupon code, the usage of coupon ticket begins from that day on wards. So, apply coupon carefully.
3. Once your 6 months free Expandable paid coupon will expire, you must purchase paid ticket to keep your app live on store.

About Swing2App

Swing2App is free platform to develop mobile apps, anyone can access all features easily without providing card details. Free features start from creating and installing app on phone to managing app and updates after store upload There is no time limit or restrictions for using free features of Swing2app.

Swing2App also have paid products which lets user to access advanced features like store upload, Plug-ins, in-app messaging etc. Users only pay for the service they use, and they can stop anytime. We do not have any extra or hidden charges.

Also, Swing2app creates many events time to time to provide users with a variety of coupons to make their experience smooth and pocket friendly. So, step up and join us to avail coupons and other time to time special offers. We will always have special coupon for all our sincere users.