▶App installation and download FAQ

Where can I see the app Preview?

“App Preview” can be found in the Manage Version menu on the Manager page  Production History.

Select the Preview button, Swing2App preview pop-up will appear and you can check it through the virtual machine on the web.


If you’ve downloaded the Swing Preview app, you can check the app you created after logging in and previewing it on your phone(scanning the QR code).

Where can I download my app?

There are two ways to download and verify your app.

1) If you request to create an app(App Creation Request), the APK file will be sent to the user by e-mail. You can download the APK file and install the app.
Manager Version menu You can also download APK files from Production History page.
Similarly, the latest version is seen in the market registration status. Previous versions can be downloaded by moving to the app’s work history.
*Only available on Android phones

2) Download Swing2App App
Search Swing2App on the App Store or Play Store and download the app.
If you log in with the Swing account-id and password in the app, you can check and download my app in real time.
You can also check on the iPhone. Instead, please note that the iPhone is only previewed and not downloaded.

Can I check the iPhone app as a free version before uploading to the market?

You can preview the app on the iPhone using the Swing2App preview app.

Swing2App preview app
Please search for “Swing2App” in the App Store and download it. You can run the Preview app to preview the apps created by Swing2App on your iPhone.
*You can check all the free apps you’ve created.
*Apps created with push, web-view prototypes cannot be viewed with Swing2App previews.

However, iPhone can’t be checked by installing the app like Android at the moment, so it is only possible to preview it.
You can only download and check the official apps released to the App Store.
The contents of the iPhone app are all the same as Android, so you can see the contents of the app reflected on the iPhone through a virtual machine in Swing2App Maker(v2) page.

Can’t test the iOS app?
It can be tested. Here are two ways to do this:
1) Use the Swing2App preview
Please search for Swing2App preview in the App Store and download it.
You can run the preview app to preview the apps created by Swing2App on your iPhone.
*You can check all the free apps you’ve created.
*Apps created with push, web-view prototypes cannot be viewed with Swing2App.
2) Register the test version with your Apple ID
If you want to run on your phone before paying for the App Store, please let us know your Apple ID.
*However, this is the case for a paid version.(Swing2App fee must be paid.)
After confirming the owner, we can help you check the test version app on the App Store.
The maximum duration is one day. You can install and test it in one day.


When installing the Android phone application, it appears as an unknown source.

Currently, Google by default warns you about apps that you install through other sources other than the Google Play Store. Therefore, if you receive your app by email, you may get these messages.
You can install the downloaded application by checking the ‘Settings > Security > Unknown Source’ check on your Android phone.
Of course, if you’re uploading from a market, you won’t be able to see these messages.

☞ [How to install APK file on Android phone]


How do users of existing versions get updates when they update after app creation?

When the app is launched, an update message window appears, so the user can receive the update to the latest version.

When updating in the Swing2App by App Creation Request, the administrator can directly select ‘Recommended’, ‘Required’, and ‘Do not show updates’.

The content of the message window varies depending on the selected option. If you select ‘Required’, the user must update to use the app normally.

The apk file received as a free version tries to register on the market (Google, Naver, etc.), so the message ‘Certificate for Debugging’ appears, and it cannot be registered.

Debug messages are messages that appear when you try to post a free version of the app on the market.

The free version is an app designed to prevent you from uploading to the market from the Swing2App engine so that you can’t register with

the current market. Therefore, if you wish to register in the market, you must proceed after payment. Alternatively, please apply for the Free Commercial Version service and upload it.

I am trying to install the app, but a message appears saying that the signature is conflicting, and the installation fails.

If you install the paid version after installing the free version, you will see the following message:
If you delete and install the existing free app, it will be installed without problems.