▶In-App FAQ

What is In-app?

In-app means that the  app itself is free, but requires a payment service after downloading the app.
You can use it to buy physical goods, digital products, consumables, coupons, etc. that are sold in the app.
The term “in-app” means purchase activity within your app.

When can I use In-app?

If you created an app that requires purchasing activities such as a shopping mall among users, you need to apply an electronic payment system.
The electronic payment service provided by Swing2App – can be applied using the pay app.
You can use payment systems such as mobile phone, micropayment, bankbook deposit, real-time account transfer, and Kakao Pay.

By the way,
In the case of other electronic payment services, including PayApp, the screening of the industry is difficult, and the screening is rejected, so the electronic payment system cannot be used. 

In particular, in the case of Apple, the digital product payment app, not the actual product payment, is set by policy to use the in-app payment system unconditionally.
Therefore, if you cannot use electronic payment due to these problems, you can use the In-app.
In-app is applied to the app by simply setting it without additional review, and you can make purchases within the app immediately after reviewing at each store.

How do I apply In-app?

In-app cannot be set directly by the user.
Therefore, we are setting it up in the Swing2App. 

As it is a customization work, there is an In-app setting custom cost. (If you contact us, we will guide you through the price.)
In-App will work by integrating Android + iPhone.
After depositing the development fee, development starts and we will complete the in-app setting after 2 days.

*In this case, completing the In-app setting does not complete the launch of the app in the store, but refers to the process of setting the In-app payment module in the user’s app and linking it to Google and Apple. Because Play Store and App Store have different screening criteria and dates, it may take longer for In-app apps to be released.

How to apply for In-App settings?

First make the app and then check the application method below.

  1. Please complete the creation of the app.
    After applying the Swing2App shop, you need to put all the products to sell in the app.
  2. After creating the app, pay the In-app setting cost.(Information on amount and account separately)
  3. After payment, please  leave your order form for In-app settings on the Swing2App inquiry board.
    -App Name:
    -Swing2App Account:
    -Google Developer Account: ID / Password
    -Apple Developer Account: ID / Password
    -Contact (Mobile Phone Number):
    -Address (Company Address, Individual Home Address):
    -A copy of the bankbook to be settled
    -If you are a business, attach your business registration card.

*You must create a Google Developer account and an Apple Developer account before you apply for In-app.
Once you have created an In-app and create a developer account (after 48 hours of authorization), it will take longer.

Please check the manual below to register your account.
 How to create a Google Developer account
 How to create an Apple Developer account

What is the In-app settings work in Swing2App?

After setting up In-app for your app, we will set up In-app for your [Google, Apple] store user account. 
1)Google (Play Store)
In-app setting, linking merchant accounts to customer accounts, and entering payment information to be settled.

2)App (App Store)
In-app settings, enter the payment information to be settled in the customer account.
*Android + iPhone integration to set up in-app billing, but you can also choose to apply only one OS as desired.

How to use the app after applying In-app?

Just because an In-app is applied doesn’t change the way you create and operate the app.
You run the app the same way.
After registering the product to be sold in the Swing2App shop, you need to put it on the Play Store and App Store respectively. 

** In-app purchase product management should be managed by each Swing2App store and shop.
-When you delete an In-app purchase product
After deleting the product from the Swing Shop, you need to go to the Play Store and App Store to delete the product.
-When adding an In-app purchase product
After adding the product in the Swing Shop, you must go to the Play Store and App Store to add the same product.

Is there anything to be aware of when using In-app?

First of all, In-app has the advantage of being easy to buy from the customer’s point of view, but from the manager’s point of view, it can be complicated and difficult to manage purchases.
Therefore, you should fully understand and use the contents of In-app purchases.

*Please check the following instructions.

  1. Swing2App In-app setting service is a development work that sets the in-app to the user’s app.
    Please be aware that we are not managing or acting for in-app use..
  2. After completing the In-app setting, we will send the in-app registration manual .pdf file to the user.
    Please check the manual for future work. You can also check the help manual.
  3. In-app is not linked to each store just because a product is registered in Swing Shop.
    Each product must be registered for each store. Swing2App does not register products.
    Any items that are added or deleted after setting up must be registered directly by the user by checking the In-app registration manual.
  4. In-app has the advantage of being easy to purchase, but from the manager’s point of view, purchase management and operation can be complicated and difficult. Therefore, you should fully understand how to use In-app.
  5. If the buyer makes a refund, Apple’s and Google’s refund method is different. Please understand how to refund.
  6. In the Swing2App, we will only be able to set up the In-app, but we will not be able to manage the In-app operation process or act on behalf of the company.
  7. Any problems or inquiries in the Swing store will be checked and handled by the Swing2App team immediately.
  8. Swing2App does not provide any In-app related policies. Because the policies of Apple and Google are different, users need to check with the store.
  9. The App store may be rejected several times because the app is more difficult to review in the case of an In-app feature app.
    Please be aware that the screening may be rejected several times. It may take a long time until the app release date.
  10. You need to create an Apple and Google developer account in advance.
    **You must create your own account because your account must settle the sales amount. Creating an account also takes time, so it takes longer to apply for In-app settings without creating it. Creating an account is not on behalf of the Swing2App.
Will In-app purchases be shown in dollars?

Google is displayed in Korean won.

For Apple, when you apply an In-app, your payment will be displayed in USD $.

eg. When registering the product price at 7000 won,
Apple → USD 6.48 (the amount fluctuates depending on the exchange rate on that day)

Apple displays the US dollar as the base price, so even if you display it in Korea, the price is displayed in dollars in the actual app.
In addition, the actual payment amount varies depending on the exchange rate on that day, and the payment amount varies from country to country depending on the exchange rate and tax for each country.
How to make In-app payment (purchase)?

In-app is a very simple and easy way to make purchases for customers.
In-app purchases are different from other card payments, click ‘Buy’!
-On Android phones, you can check the card information associated with your Google account and make purchases immediately.
-On the iPhone, you can check the card information associated with your Apple account and enter your password and make a purchase immediately.
As a result, the card is accepted directly with the card information stored in your account without any complicated payment process, and the payment is completed. Android and iPhone must be saved by adding a card associated with your account before you can make In-app payments. Payment is not possible if there is no card information.