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Swing2App Refund Policy

You can apply for refunds of unused vouchers and tickets after purchasing them on Swing2App.
However, please note that no refund will be made after the voucher and product has been used. 

  1. A refund will be made in full on the day the paid ticket is purchased, but no refund will be made if the number of days used is deducted.
  2. There will be no partial refund for the rest of the period even after 1 day of purchase.
  3. If payment is made by credit card and electronic payment, the refund proceeds after 30 days of payment, the refund will be processed in the amount excluding 10% of the card fee.
  4. Swing Store(shopping mall payment module) products will be refunded within 5 days
    – If the refund is made within 5 to 30 days after the payment date, conditional refund will be made with amount excluding 10% of commission.
    *If the app is approved for subscription, refund may be difficult even within that period. (Refund will be made after checking pay app.)
    *Refund is not possible after 30 days have passed
  5. Refunds will not be issued for coupons and free tickets, even if not used. 
     *For how to request a refund, please refer to the ‘How to pay a refund’ section below.
How do I get a refund?

Payment When you go to Payment Status page under Online Store menu, you will see the Refund” button for the products you paid for. You can get a refund by selecting the request button for a refund.
*At this time, you can only apply for refunds for unused vouchers and tickets. Refund button does not appear for used tickets!

Even if the card payment is completed in Swing2App, the cancellation authorization may take from 1-4 days depending on the card company. After applying for refund, you can mail your bank name and account number to the Swing2App Customer Service Center. After confirming the representative, we will re-deposit the refund amount within the same day.

What are the paid products?

There is 1 month, 6 months, and 12 Months ticket for the Swing2App Paid app. 
​There are Play Store (Android) Market upload tickets and App Store (iPhone) Market Upload tickets for uploading in the market.
​And if you need a lot of space, you can buy an extra 2 GB storage. There are also a variety of paid products. 

* You can check the product on the Swing2App Manager -> Online Stores -> Vouchers & Tickets Menu.

What are Market (Play Store, App Store) Upload tickets?

This is the upload fee that Swing2App receives when uploading your app on the Play Store, App Store etc.
The Play Store registration fee is $5 per application and the App Store registration have a one time fee of $20. 
Each time you place an app on the market, Market upload requires you to make a payment. 
In addition to registering for the first time, editing and re-updating your app will add to the market registration fee. 

** Google Play does not require a ticket purchase if the user can upload directly. You only need to pay for the Swing2App pass.
** App Store cannot be uploaded directly by the user, even if a developer account is available, and can only be requested on an upload basis. 


Where do I pay?

For payment, go to the Manager -> Online Stores -> Vouchers & Tickets or Buy Swing2App Plug-ins purchase page and select the item you wish to pay.

Payment method includes (Credit card payment, Mobile phone payment, Real-time account transfer, Bank deposit, Kakao Pay, Swing2App Electronic payment [Pay app]). 
​Choose the most convenient payment method for yourself 

To pay more than $50, please use other payment methods such as pay app, Kakao pay, bank account, etc, since credit card cannot make a payment of $50. 

Please note that SKT carriers are not available for small mobile phone payments (LG, KT only)

Once the payment is confirmed, the product will be added to the user ID.
Confirming bank transfer may take some time outside of business hours and on holidays, as the staff will insert the ticket after confirming the deposit.
You can see your purchases and products in Payment Status.

I paid for my subscription. When will my days be counted?​

Paid vouchers are counted from the date of payment.

For example, if you make a payment on March 4th, then the usage period starts on March 4th.

Therefore, if you need to upload an app to the market, please make a full app and purchase a paid pass and upload ticket.

The App Store has a long screening period. How many days will it be used during that period for voucher?

The app store takes 1-2 weeks to review. During the screening period, the number of days of use of the voucher will be deducted. Even if your app isn’t released to the Store, the number of days you’ll still use it will still be counted because your app must be operating normally during the screening period. Therefore, we will not extent the app review period. Users should consider the screening period in advance and use it as a way to add more vouchers to meet the completion date.

How do I redeem my voucher(coupon) received from Swing2App?

If you receive a swing coupon by email, the coupon has a serial number.
Go to Manager -> Online Store -> Coupons. Enter the coupon serial number and then use the coupon.
The coupon have validity period, so be sure to check the expiration date. Applied products can be checked in the Payment – Payment Status  menu.