▶Membership and Login FAQ

Do I need to sign up for an app I’ve created before I can use it?

The administrator who created the app can also sign up for the app and then use it as app admin.

*The web and apps are not interlocked.
Once you’ve installed the app, be sure to sign up for the app you’ve created and use the app.
In the previous version of 1.0, the administrator who created the app can log in without having to sign up.

When using version 1.0, I signed up on the homepage, but do I need to sign up in 2.0?

If you have registered in version 1.0, you will be logged in by entering your existing ID and password without registering on the 2.0 homepage.


Can I change my ID(email) on Swing2App?

Enterprise customers may be asked to change the ID of their Swing2App subscription as their app representatives change. The ID cannot be changed by the user, but if you leave a request for an ID change in the Swing2App inquiry, we can make the change. You can include the app name, the ID (e-mail address) you are currently subscribed to, and the ID (e-mail address) you want to change.

The password is the same as before, and after logging in, change the personal information and set it back as the desired password.

Is it possible to re-join after withdrawal from Swing2App homepage?

You can not recover the ID that you withdrew, and you cannot re-register with the same ID later.

How to cancel my Swing2App homepage membership?

To withdraw your membership, select the Profile on the top right of the Swing2App homepage, click on App Management then click on Edit information. 


Manager -> My Menu -> Edit Information -> Withdraw from Membership present at the bottom of the information form. 

You can not recover the ID that you withdrew, and you cannot re-register with the same ID later.

When you withdraw from membership, all apps and contents created will be deleted, so please choose carefully.

How to find my password in the app?

In order to find the password in the app, the ID type must be set to ’email’. Only then can you send your temporary password to your registered email. 

Run the app and at the bottom of the login screen, there is a ‘Forgot Password’ button.
If you select the corresponding button, you can receive a temporary password by email.
Therefore, if you set your ID as a normal ID, you cannot use the password search, so please check it and set it as ‘ID-email’.

☞ [Manual on how to search the app password]

How to withdraw membership(delete account) from the app?

You can opt out of the app membership in the Settings menu. If you log in from the app and see the Settings menu, there is the Delete Account. You can opt out of membership(delete account) in the app by selecting the menu.


Swing2App Homepage Account – Forgot Password

If you have forgotten your Swing2App site account password,

You can find a temporary password by email, log in, and change your information, New password.

1) Access Swing2App Homepage – Select Forgot Password.

2) Enter your e-mail address and get a temporary password.

3) You can change your password again on the Edit Information page.

How to log in as an assistant administrator in the app?

Unlike the homepage, the app does not have a login page dedicated to the administrator.

In the general login page, log in with the ID and password of the user designated as the sub administrator.

Since the level has already been changed from user to administrator, you can confirm that the level has been changed to ‘administrator’ by logging in as usual.

Please refer to how to set up a sub-manager to manage apps that are posted.

☞ [View how to set up an Assistant Administrator]

How to log in as associate administrator on Swing2App homepage

When logging in as the sub administrator on the Swing2App homepage, select Associate Administrator on the login screen and log in.

*App ID: Enter the ID set when the administrator creates the app.

→ App ID refers to the ID entered by the administrator when creating an app.

*Associate-administrator ID: Enter the ID of the sub administrator registered in the app.

*Password: Enter the password set when the sub administrator registered for the app.

After completing the input, press the login button to go to the administrator page.