▶Swing2App 2.1 Version FAQ

What is the difference between the service provided in the existing Swing in Swing2App 2.1?

Swing2App 2.1 can be thought of as a completely renewed version of the app design provided by Swing2App.
The system and menus can be used as they are, and only the design of the app prototype and UI is applied in a new style.

How can I use Swing2App 2.1?

Swing2App version 2.1 does not have a separate site.
Since version 2.1 can be selected and used from the existing 2.0 menu, it is the same as using 2.0.
How to create apps, go to the swing2app site, and go to the app production menu.
In the Step 2 Design Theme menu, you can see the newly added prototype.
If you apply the newly updated prototype menu, you can build the app with version 2.1.

I want to update my 2.0 version to 2.1.

 ​Version 2.1 App creation is the same as before.
Just select the menu you want from the newly added prototype menu, and then move the menu(contents)to the same one created by 2.0.

Rebuilding an existing 2.0 app to 2.1. What happens to members using the old version?

2.1 does not mean that only the design is re-coated with a new style, but that the work and members of the existing app are gone.
Therefore, if you have updated an existing app to version 2 and 1, an update message window will appear when you open the app.
Existing users will be able to view the message and receive updates.