▶Swing2App customization FAQ

How to handle customization failures?

If errors or failures occur in the application of customizing, we will take immediate action and process them.
However, we can’t keep monitoring users’ apps in the Swing2App.
Therefore, if a customized user has any problems using the app, please contact our customer service so that we can check and process.
We will take care of the troubles and maintenance caused by the customization at no additional cost.
*We can’t handle errors that occurred outside of us (Swing2App customizing content) other than failures or errors.

Is there an additional cost if I add the same content to another app after customizing it?

If you add it to another app with the same content after customizing it, the license fee will be added to $100.
If you apply the same content to another app again, the reason that the cost is added is that the license fee is charged, not the development cost.
License fees are a necessary policy to prevent indiscriminate use of customizing programs.
The target for the custom development cost is based on one app, and you will receive an additional license fee when expanding.
Please note that there is an additional cost of $100 per license copy.

Is it possible to customize the app in the same way as a specific app?

Sometimes you show us an app on the market and ask to create it the same app as this.
You can check with us to see if it’s possible to develop the same app, and we’ll let you know.
If your app is simple to design and build, an engineer can check it out and give you a custom fee guide.

**However, it can be difficult to estimate the exact cost of development for apps that have a lot of internal development sources in addition to the complexity and content of the app. (The internal development source of a particular app can’t be verified by looking at the app alone, and it’s possible to verify it in the actual development.)

** And you must clearly tell us whether you want to make the design and composition form the same, make the form similar, or just want to include the specific menu.
You can give us your app name and give us a custom inquiry, but please let us know your exact app development request.

What is the approximate cost of customization?

There are a lot of people who want to know the approximate custom cost. Swing2App customization is not a price scout. Furthermore, because it is a 1:1 development work that reflects the user’s custom content, there is no fixed development estimate. Estimates ranges from hundreds of thousands to several tens of millions of won depending on the contents of the production, so there is no custom-made cost. Therefore, please note that we are only able to provide customization estimates only through consultation.

How to get a custom consultation and a quote?

For customization consultation, you must first send a plan for app development, storyboard, etc. on Swing2App mail. App-wide development or complex developments are difficult to talk to by phone or katok. Even if you call, we will not be able to advise you if you do not have a plan. A specific app creation plan is required for development engineers to confirm and provide guidance.

*Custom features that have already been provided by Swing2App, such as applying Google AdMob ads and in-app applications, can be contacted by phone or katok and we can assist you in the customer service center after confirmation.

*Please prepare an app production plan, storyboard, etc. and send it to the Swing2App email address help@swing2app.com

The engineer in charge of custom development will be happy to assist you with the information, the development period, the development cost estimate, etc. after confirming the contents.

What is customization?

The original meaning of customization is to create products according to the needs of customers, as a kind of custom-made service.
The customization of Swing2App is also the same, meaning that users can develop 1:1 apps by reflecting what they want.
In addition to the services provided by Swing2App, if you need to add other features or develop a whole app, you can develop and produce the desired app by asking Swing2App to customize it.

Swing2App customizing is developed with 100% customer’s desired content.
Therefore, when making a request for customizing app development, users should inform us of how they want to make the app by creating a plan, storyboard, and so on. Customizing will calculate the estimate cost according to the content of the app development.The engineer will be happy to assist you in the development period and work.

For customizing consultation, please send an e-mail to help@swing2app.com with an app production plan and storyboard.
Simple features and custom features you’ve already provided on Swing2App can help guide you right away,
Please note that we cannot help with the development of the entire app and the complex content configuration without a specific plan.