▶Paid Usage and Market Upload FAQ

Will the app be released immediately when I apply for Play Store uploads to the Swing2App?

We will upload the app to the Play Store on behalf of Swing2App.

It will not be released immediately, but will be reviewed by Google Apps.

Google app screening takes an average of one week.  Therefore, uploading does not mean that your app will be released immediately.

If there are no issues after the review, it will be released to the Store within 7 days after screening period.

How long does the Play Store app screening(review) takes?

The PlayStore screening period takes an average of one week. (within 7 days) If there are no issues with the review, it will be released immediately, but if the Play Store review is rejected, the release date may be delayed.

When uploading to the Store, you’ll see a message that the existing version or package is the same.

This message is displayed if you try to upload the APK file with the same version as the already registered version.

When uploading a newly updated app, make sure that it is different from the previously uploaded version, and upload the APK file created with the new version.

The apk file received as a free version tries to register on the market (Google, Naver, etc.), so the message ‘Certificate for Debugging’ appears, and it cannot be registered.

Debug messages are messages that appear when you try to post a free version of the app on the market.

The free version is an app designed to prevent you from uploading to the market from the Swing2App engine so that you can’t register with

the current market. Therefore, if you wish to register in the market, you must proceed after payment. Alternatively, please apply for the Free Commercial Version service and upload it.

What is the difference between the paid version and the free version?
  1. The biggest difference between the paid version and the free version is that you can and cannot upload the Market.
    Free can only be used as an Android phone installation file, and paid can be commercially released to Play Store, App Store, etc.
  2. The second is the difference in capacity.The free version comes with a default 100MB, and the paid version offers from 2GB to 50GB depending on the product type.
  3. Third, there are differences in the number of bulletin boards produced and the number of group chat rooms opened.
    The free version can produce 30 bulletin boards and one group chat room.
    The paid version can be produced from 100 bulletin boards to unlimited (depending on product type), and group chat rooms from 5 to unlimited (depending on product type).
  4. Finally, the number of app productions is different.
    Paid users can create up to 10 apps per account, and free users can create up to 3 apps per account.

However, even the free version can use most of the features, so try it for free and switch to paid if necessary.

Please check our swing2app service policy for details.

 [Swing2App Policy]

What are the days of a 1 month pass?

Many people ask if the total number of days spent on a paid app ticket per month is 30 days, 31 days, or if the payment date varies from month to month.
The total number of days varies from month to month (there are 28 days, 30 days, 31 days) so the number of days per month set by the swing is 30 days. Therefore, 180 days of use for 6 months, and 360 days for 12 months.
In particular, some people ask me if it is 365 days or not just for a year payment, but it applies to the number of days calculated as 30 days per month!
Please be careful.

How to check which version of the app is on market?

If you have uploaded through the Swing2App, you can check the version of the app released by connecting to each platform (app store, play store.

You can also check on the Swing2App Manager page without accessing each store.

* Manager page> Manage Version > Marketing, Market registration page will open, you can see the market versions for each platform.

You can also go directly to the market from this page, you can find a variety of information, such as information registered in the store.

When I apply for market upload, can I see the registered information?

You can view the registration information completed on the Market Upload application.

Go to Manager page> Manager Version> Marketing, on Market Registration page there are Play Store Information and App Store Information buttons.

You can select the appropriate button to check the registration information when you applied for market upload.

Can I edit the information I created when I applied for the upload market?

Registration information can be edited when applying for market upload (upload request application).
However, the  information can be edited only in the Play Store, and only in the original version of the app.
In other words, if you create a new app from version 1.0 to version 1.1, you cannot edit the registration information.
In order to modify your App Store registration information, you will need to purchase an upload ticket and apply for it again.

*How to edit/modify the Play Store properties
Please click the Play Store Properties button in the Market Upload in the Manager page> Manage Version> Marketing on Market Registration page.
Market Upload Request – The application window will pop up. Please edit the information in the window and select the Apply button.

When you request to modify your property, a representative will fix the information back to the PlayStore and update it. The update takes 3-4 hours, just like app review.

How long does it take to launch an app on App Store?

The App Store will be uploaded to Swing and checked by the team in charge.

App Store screening period typically takes more than one week to two weeks.

If there are no issues with the review, it will be released within 2 weeks, but the review may be rejected, which can be delayed even further.

Therefore, please apply with sufficient time and make sure to check the reason for app rejection.

*If you apply for upload after the end of Swing2App business hours or weekends, uploading may be delayed because it will register in bulk during business hours. Please note this point.

Can the Play Store allow users to upload apps directly to the market?

If you have a Google Developer account, the Play Store allows you to upload directly.
Instructions for releasing the app on the Play Store are also included in the help manual,so you can follow it by looking at the manual.
If you’re having trouble uploading yourself, you can ask Swing2App to do it for you.
(Play store upload agency fee: $5 per time)
☞ [View how to register for the Play Store app]

Can the App Store allow users to upload apps directly to the market?

App Store can’t upload directly even if you have an Apple Developer account.
You can not upload directly, you can only upload on behalf of Swing2App.
Unlike Google, Apple doesn’t allow users to directly upload apps because it requires the developer’s development source and security related content.
Please note that uploads can only be made by the developer (Swing2App).
(App store upload fee: $20 per request)

I purchased a Swing2App pass and market upload ticket. Is it possible to register the market immediately upon purchase?

Just because you’ve paid doesn’t mean your app will be launched on the market.

After you make a payment, you need to apply for the Play Store and App Store uploads in the Production History page in Manage Version menu.

Only after the upload request comes in, the person in charge can register your app on the market.

*Credit cards and kakao pay payments can be uploaded immediately.

Bank account transfer will be provided by the person in charge after confirming the payment.

You can apply for market upload only when the pass is applied.

Can apps registered in the market be updated from time to time?

Apps created in Swing2App can be edited and updated from time to time.

However, paid users who have the app on the market need to be careful.

-Automatic reflection of modifications is automatically reflected when you modify only the Step-3, page menu.

-If you edit the Step-2, Design theme, you can update through soft update (re-launch the app).

★Step 1 App basic information – When you change the app name, app icon image, standby screen image, etc., you need to create the app and update it to a new version of the app.

In this case, you need to update the app on the market to the new version.

Customers who upload on behalf of Swing2App must repurchase the Market Upload Ticket, and customers registered with a Developer account can update the app to the new version directly.