How To Use Swing2App

How to use swing2app free version, paid version and free commercial version.

How To Use Swing2App

With Swing2app anyone can easily create a mobile app.

Simply log on to the swing2app homepage and start creating apps.

You can create your own app from the app production tool, and all the menus on the app operation page are available for free.

Swing2app have free access to all the functions and menus necessary for app production tool and operation.

Also! The free app can be downloaded and installed directly from the Android phone.

Once the APK file is created, you can check the app created directly on the phone by using the installation or [swing2app preview] on the Android phone.

**iPhone is not a free version of the app installation. On the iPhone, you can see the app created as ‘App Preview’ in the official swing2app.

Why is there a paid pass?

Swing2app is free app production and operation and free version app can be used within the scope of personal use.

However, if the purpose is to commercialize the app (store release), you need to use the paid version of the app.
* If you want to launch your app on the store (play store, app store, one store, etc.), you need to pay for the paid app.
You need to convert your app to a paid version before you can launch it in stores such as Play Store and App Store.
* Free version app is not available for store release.

Paid vouchers can be purchased on the swing2app voucher and ticket purchase pages. Please check the detailed service price policy.

Swing2App Operation

If the purpose is to launch your app on the store and commercialize it, you must pay for the paid app pass.

Paid app usage fee is the license fee to commercialize Swing2App service.

It’s free for personal use, not for launching the store. (Use APK file on your app sharing, homepage or blog)

It’s all free to create and run the app, so please test it in the free version and switch to the paid version.

Use the free version/ paid version/ free commercial version depending on the purpose of the app.

  • Free version

    If you do not commercialize the app and use it for personal purposes (you can upload it as an APK file on your personal homepage)

  • Paid Version

    If you use the app for the purpose of releasing the app to the store such as Play Store (App Store), use the paid version.

  • Free commercial version

    If the paid app fee is burdensome, you can release the app on the Play Store using the commercial version with swing2app ads.

What if I use the app for personal use? Please use the free version.

Usage of free version is very simple.

App production method can be found on the Swing2App Help site.

In addition, swing2app blog has posted app production method in details, please check the blog together.

Apps created in the free version can use all the features and design provided by Swing2App.


Important information about Free Version App

-Free version is not commercialized. (Store release X)

-Since it is not registered in the same market as Play Store and App Store, you need to pay the paid license and convert to paid version in order to release and commercialize the app on the market.


Free Version Guide

– Free version app can create up to 3 apps per account.

-We recommend that you make a lot of tests as you can update the app anytime, anywhere.

-If you think you can commercialize the app (release on the market) after using Swing2App for free version, then you can switch to the paid version at that time.

-The free version and paid version has no difference in functionality, so use the free version first and pay for the paid app if you need it.

Do you want to release a free app in the Play Store or App Store?
Please use the paid version!

The paid version of the app is also the same as the free version, and if you purchase a swing2app paid app voucher after production, the app will be switched to the paid version.

Paid version apps have the right to release (commercialize) apps in the App Store and Play Store.


Precaution for Swing2App paid app subscription

The number of usage days will be counted immediately upon payment.

So once you’ve created the app, please pay when you finally upload to the store.

Please purchase swing2app paid app tickets (basic, expandable, premium) and market upload tickets (select only the required upload tickets).

*Play Store upload tickets cost $5 (You don’t need to purchase Play Store if you can upload it yourself).

*App Store upload ticket cost $20 (App store can only be uploaded by agency)


How to apply for store upload

If you are a store upload agent, you must apply for the upload after the payment is completed.

*You must apply for upload before we can upload the content of your application!

*Manager → Manage Version → Go to the Production History menu and request to upload the Play Store or App Store (Payment Market)

When you press the Apply button, you will see the application form.

The user will fill out the application by filling out the app description, screenshot image, category, etc. that will be on the market.

What if I pay for my voucher? Can I release it only on the Play Store?
Please use the free commercial version!

Guide to Free commercial version app

1) The free commercial version is not available immediately after application, but can only be used after approval is completed.

2) After creating the app, you will need to apply for a free commercial version. (Unmade apps will be denied review.)

3) If you are denied the review, we will send you an email for the reason of rejection, so you can check the email, correct it, and reapply again.

4) Approved free commercial app must be released directly to the Play Store by the user. (we cannot do anything for you on swing2app)

5) The free commercial version has its own Swing2App advertisement.

6) Prototype: Apps created exclusively for Push or Web View only cannot apply for free commercial version apps.

7) Free commercial apps can be released in Play Store, One Store, etc., but cannot be released in Apple App Store.

8) Please check the terms and conditions of the free commercial version app.

Swing2App Important information

-App creation, operation, and other app features are available in both free and paid.

-The difference between paid and free is commercialization (whether you publish your app to the store or use it for personal use).

-If the purpose is to upload apps to all markets, including the App Store and Play Store without restriction, you must purchase a paid app license (toggle paid version).

-Free commercial version can not be released on the App Store. It is only available on Play Store and One Store, which are Android phone stores.

-The free commercial version is a general prototype: push-only, web view-only apps can not be applied.

General Prototypes: Available only when using designs such as slides, tops, footers, and drop downs.

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