▶App Creation FAQ

Design Theme – Is it possible to select more than one UI style for prototype?

Design theme provided by Swing2App Prototypes can only be used in one style. Therefore, you cannot combine multiple styles. In some cases, there is a UI style that combines a slide+ top.

If you use a mix of these styles, you’ll need to develop them separately through customization. It can be used in a variety of styles through customization.




App – Can I remove the bottom toolbar from the weblink page on app?

The bottom toolbar is a toolbar with navigation.

it is a navigation toolbar with functions such as “all pages/next page, sharing, large/small view” on the weblink page.

It is a toolbar that appears in the menu that is linked to the weblink. The toolbar can be deleted.

*Maker(V2) page → Advanced settings step → App Product Setting → If you modify ‘No’ to ‘Toolbar Use’ and then tap Save → App Creation Request to create a new version of the app that has lost the toolbar will be re-created.

*The toolbar can only be removed by the user in an app that has a prototype with slides, tops, footers, and drop-down menus.

However, apps created with the push version can only be deleted through customization, so please contact us for apps created with the push version.

How many characters(letters) can I use to create an app name?

When you create an app, there is no specific limit to the number of name characters. However, if the number of letters that appear when you install the app on your phone is too long, the name will be truncated(cut off) on display.

App/App titles vary slightly depending on the mobile phone model, but they can be displayed in 9 to 11 characters. If the app name exceeds 10 characters, the app name will be truncated(cut off) when you install the app on your mobile phone, so please make the name within 10 characters when creating the app name.

I want to put a full image on the app home screen. Is there an optimized size?
The images that enter the app do not have the recommended size. It is usually a form adjusting the vertical length to match the horizontal length of the LCD Screen of the cell phone.
Therefore, you only need to pay attention to the image horizontal size as a sufficient size.
If you’re looking for a clean screen for all of the latest models, we recommend the 1024px landscape, and if you work between 1680 and 1920px vertically, you’ll be able to work full on the screen.
* However, please note that the latest models may look a little shorter in length, except for tablets, as each cell phone has different sizes.


I can’t delete the app.

You can uninstall the app only when there are more than two apps.
If you only have one app, we’ve made it so that it doesn’t get removed. (To prevent accidental removal of the app)
You can remove the app by going to the Manager -> My Menu -> App Management page.
*Paid users, please note that the app is not removed until the end of the paid period. 

I’m trying to create a new app, but it cannot be added.

Users who use Swing2App for free can create up to three apps in one account.
Paid members can make up to 10 apps.
Please note that free members will not be able to add apps if more than 3 apps are currently created.

I’ve made the standby screen image to the recommended size but the image is cut off on the mobile phone.

The recommended size of the standby screen image is the official recommended size for all models, as the LCD screen varies from phone model to phone model. (2282*2282)
However, because the LCD has a square, and the tablet screen is different in size, you should make sure that the main image doesn’t fill up the wallpaper when you create the image.
Therefore, when working with the standby screen, you should check the manual of the standby screen guide provided by Swing2App when working with the standby screen.

Therefore, when working with the standby screen, you should check and produce the atmospheric screen guidelines manual provided by Swing.

Reference image

In the attached image, blue becomes the wallpaper (image that can be cut).

The blue is the wallpaper in the image you attached.
You can work with the gray compartment to ensure that all important image cuts are in place(Image shown on the actual screen).
Usually, users work largely on the image to the blue area, so the image looks cut off depending on the phone model.

Therefore, please create  the standby screen after checking the guidelines.

View how to create a standby screen image

The last step on the app creation page – what is ‘Advanced’ settings?

Advanced settings are not related to app creation even if you do not enter. (Developer only)
However, if you set the home screen as a Swing2App page – App Introduction Screen, you can change your website, address, phone number, e-mail address, etc. on the Advanced Settings page.

(View Image)

Advanced settings can be used to replace the contents by changing the default information set on the home screen. If this is not the case, the average user can only work on the app creation – page menu, save it, and tap the app creation request.

Are there any restrictions on app updates?

You can use it without any restrictions. After creating and modifying the app, you can use it freely.

Where can I edit (update) the app after making it?

Swing2App doesn’t have a separate app edit (update) action page.
When editing, go to the app creation page and proceed as well.
You can continue updating by overwriting the existing app.
After saving, press the app creation request and it will be created again with the new version.