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How to use Survey Management?

All menus in the service management are user-friendly.
Survey management is conducted for members who use the app.

Let’s explain how to use it.
ex) App satisfaction checks, promotional surveys for events, community apps can increase the participation of members by selecting a topic and taking a survey according to it.
There are many ways to use the Survey menu.

Survey management also provides tools in Swing2App.
Users can create their own questionnaire by selecting questions and answers, multiple choice & short answer.

  How to use the survey management

How to set up an assistant administrator?

On the Swing2App Manager page, go to Push & Members and click on Member Views menu.
You can select a user to set up as assistant manager(sub-admin) and then change the permissions to an administrator in the permissions group settings.

There is no name as a sub-administrator, and the creator who created the app gives the app user administrator privileges to manage and operate the app together.

For more information, I’ll attach a link so that you can understand it easily.

☞ View How to set up a sub administrator

I want to add a feature that Swing2App doesn’t provide. What should I do?

Our swing service allows you to customize more than just a solution. Customization means app development, providing 1:1 customization. You can do this by asking the Swing2App team. If you want to develop an app or have the features you need, please send your plan or storyboard to the swing mail: help@swing2app.com
After confirmation, we will guide you on the availability of development, quotation, etc.


I want to make the app available only to the users I want. Is it possible?

Yes, it is possible.
You can specify that only people who have your app installed can approve and use the app.

First, please set the App Subscription Policy, app privacy to “Private” by going to Manager -> Services -> Policy page. If you set it to private, users who install the app will have to sign up unconditionally. Once you have registered, you will receive a message that says “It is available after the administrator approval”

*Administrator can change their status to ‘Verified’ from Unauthorized by selecting only the desired members from the membership list on the Push & Members -> Member Views  page.

*Users who are approved will use the app normally, and if they don’t get approval, they won’t be able to use the app.

 Check how to create a private app 



Where and how to check app usage?

You can see the app capacity by going to the Manager -> Services -> Resources page. You can see the capacity provided in your app, your current usage, and the remaining available capacity.

Can I apply Admob to my app?

You can install Admob.
You can apply after purchasing the Google AdMob Application Plug-in product from the Swing2App plug-in purchase page. After you make a payment, you can create a Google AdMob account and provide your account ID. Approximately 2-3 days after application, the application will be completed in the app. Swing2App only does the initial set-up of Admobs, and all ad revenue from the app goes to the user. For more information on how to apply for admobs, please refer to the manual.

 [View how to apply for Google Admob]

YouTube cannot be played on a web page.

This is due to YouTube not allowing the built-in app or site.
If you change the YouTube link URL to the following format, it works smoothly.

Example) https://youtu.be/W8Ysr18ZxxU?t=1
→ https://www.youtube.com/embed/W8Ysr18ZxxU?t=1

If you change the link format as above, you can watch the video even within the web page.

Is there a limit to the number of people in push message delivery?

Push can be used regardless of the number of members and the number of people. Since the numbers are not fixed, you can freely send them out.

How much capacity does the Swing app offer?

The free version and paid version also vary in capacity depending on the product used.
*Free Version: Capacity 100MB
*Paid Version
1)Standard Pass: 2GB Storage
2)Extended Pass: 10GB Storage
3)Premium Use: 50GB Storage
Please check the storage capacity of each product.


What if the app capacity is exceeded?

If the capacity provided in the app is exceeded, you need to purchase more capacity to secure enough capacity.

However, if you do not add capacity, the use of the app will be suspended after 3 days from the capacity exceeded.

* If the capacity is exceeded, we will notify you by email or text.

The suspension of the app due to the excessive capacity is the same as the expiration of the usage period.

The app will not be deleted, but when you launch the app, the message ‘Payment period has expired’ will appear and the app will not run.

Users who have previously downloaded the app from the market are also restricted from using the app as the corresponding message appears.

Therefore, if the capacity is exceeded, please purchase and apply the additional capacity product.

We will give you a maximum of 3 days, so please add it within that period.

Can I free up space by deleting posts without adding app capacity?

Yes it is possible.

Please go to Manager -> Services -> Resources page.

You can check the post capacity on that page

* You can check and delete unnecessary posts (images such as photos).

As soon as you delete it, the new capacity count will be reflected.

(View Image)

* For more information on how to use resource management, please check the relevant manual.

☞ [App Capacity Management- Manual on How to use Resource Management]