Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference Between Swing2App Pay Version and Free Version?

The first difference between a paid version and a free version is being able to launch (commercialized) in the Store and not being able to do it.

Free is only available as an Android phone installation file, and paid can be commercialized and released on Play Store, App Store, etc.

Secondly, there is a difference in capacity.

Free version comes with a basic 100MB, while the paid version offers 2GB. (Depending on the product, the amount of the paid version app varies)

Third, the number of app productions is different.

Paid users can create up to 10 apps per account, and free users can create up to three apps per account.

In addition, there are differences in the number of bulletin board productions, the establishment of group chat rooms, and the limit of the number of users. 

Most features are also available in the free version, so try it out for free and switch to paid if necessary.

Please tell us the time the app is released for each store. [App Store]

[App Store]

The review period for the App Store usually takes one week or longer.

If there are no problems with the review, it will be released within two weeks, but the release date may be delayed because the review is often rejected.

Therefore, please allow plenty of time to apply and make sure to check the feedback on why the app is rejected.


[Play Store]

Play Store review period can take up to 7 days.

If there are no issues with the review, it will be released immediately after the above review period, but the Play Store may also be delayed if the review is rejected.

Please take time to apply.

What is a store upload agency?

Paid versions of apps (apps that have paid for the app) will be released to the Store, App Store, etc. and commercialized.
If you have difficulty launching directly from the store, you can apply for upload by swing2app.
Swing2App will put your app in the Store instead.
In other words, uploading an app you create to the store instead is called an upload agency.

So, if you request an upload, you can pay for your Swing2App – Swing2aApp vouchers & tickets purchase page.
‘You can purchase $20 for app store upload tickets and $5’ for Play Store upload tickets

*The Play Store can be uploaded by individuals, so you don’t need to purchase an upload ticket if you can upload it yourself.
*The App Store cannot be uploaded directly by the user and can only be released on an upload agency.


When do Subscription for Paid Day starts to Count?

Paid passes will be counted from the day you paid for the pass.
For example, if you made a payment on March 4, the usage period starts on the 4th.
Therefore, if you need to upload the app on the market, please purchase a paid pass and upload ticket after the app is completed.

How do I unsubscribe from the swing2app homepage?

To withdraw your membership, you can choose the top right profile of the swing2app homepage Manager → Click on Profile → Edit My Information → Withdrawal from Membership.

Manager → My Menu → Edit My Information → Withdrawal from Membership

You can’t recover your ID, and you can’t sign up again with the same ID. 

Please choose carefully as all apps and content created at the time of membership withdrawal will be deleted.

How do I set up an app manager?

Even the creator of the app must change the rating to an administrator before you can use the app as an administrator.

[How to set up app manager]

1.Please sign up in the app first.

2.From the swing2app homepage → Manager page → Push & Members → Member Views page.

3.Select the member to change to the administrator on the Member’s Page → From ‘User’ to →Admin’ of the current group information, select the “Change Group” button.

+When you complete the change, the administrator rating change is complete.

☞ [Check how to set up app manager]

Can I delete the app I created?

You can delete the app.
If you go to the
 Manager → My Menu → Manage Apps page, there is an Uninstall App button.
You can select the button to delete the app.

* You can delete more than two apps you’ve created.
*The deleted app will not be restored again, so please think carefully.
*Please note that paid users have made sure that the app will not be removed until the end of the paid period.


Is the app sharing only available on Android phones?

Yes sharing (app sharing, bulletin board, post sharing, etc.) is only available on Android phones.

Not available on iPhones.

You can only share to Android ↔ Android phone. 

Can the free version of the iPhone be checked?

The free version of the app created by Swing2App can only be downloaded and installed on Android phones.

The iPhone only uses downloaded apps from the official App Store.

Instead, iPhone users can preview the app.

If you use [App Preview] in the swing-to-app official app, you can check the app made on the iPhone as ‘Preview’.

[How to use swing2app preview]

1)Please download the official [Swing2App] app from the app store.

2)After launching the app → Select the top of the category [App Preview] menu → Please log in with your account subscribed to swing2app in the admin login window.

3)In the app preview, you can see a list of apps created by swing2app.

*However, prototypes- pushed, web-viewed apps can’t be previewed with Swing2App.


How do I download and check the apps I’ve created?

*There are two ways to download and check the app you created on your phone.

*Android phones can be checked by installing the app on your phone, and can be used as a preview on the iPhone.

1) Install Android phone APK file

When you make a request to create an app, APK file will be sent to the user by e-mail.

You can download the APK file to your phone and install the app.

You can download the APK file from the swing2app Manager page → Manage Version → Production History.

*Only available for Android phones (For iPhone please check below)


2) Check the swing2app preview (app preview)

Please download the official [Swing2App] app from the App Store and Play Store.

After launching the app → Select the top of the category [App Preview] menu → Please log in with your account subscribed to swing2app in the admin login window.

In the app preview, you can see a list of apps created by swing2app.

-IPhone: Check by pressing the Preview button

-Android: Preview or check app download

*Please note that the iPhone is only previewed, not downloaded. (Apps created with push and web view cannot be checked on iPhone)

How do I edit and update the app after production?

Swing2App has no restrictions on app editing and updates, and can be freely edited and used.

Since there is no separate work page for editing (update) the app contents, please go to the Maker(v2) page to proceed with the edit.

You can continue the update by overwriting the existing app.

After saving, press the App Creation Request button and it will be updated to the new version and reproduced.

What happens if the built-in capacity is exceeded while using the app?

If the capacity is exceeded, your app will be suspended after 3 days.

*You will be notified by text or email when you exceed your capacity.
App suspension due to over-capacity is the same as the expiration date.

The app won’t be deleted but when you run the app, a message that says, ‘paid subscription had expired’ will pop up and the app will automatically be stopped.
Users who have previously downloaded the app will also receive a message to restrict the use of their app.

*Please note that if the capacity is exceeded, the app will be suspended even if the subscription period remains.

Therefore, buy and apply for additional capacity for as much as you need.
☞ [Go to Swing2App Payment page]

You can also free storage by deleting the unnecessary posts from the Manager –> Services –> Resources page.
☞ [View how to use Resource Management]

What happens if the subscription period expires while using the paid app?

If you do not pay for your subscription after the expiration of the paid app period, your app will be suspended.

Apps released to the store will not be deleted, but when you, initially launch the app, you will see the message ‘Paid period expired’ and the app will not run.
Users who have previously downloaded an app from the market will also be restricted from using the app when the message appears.
If you pay for your subscription again, you won’t receive the message, and you’ll be able to use the app again normally.

If an administrator wants to use the app for free again because the app is not lost,
Please delete the existing app on your phone and recreate the app as a new version.
After the paid period ends, the version is free, so you can use it as a free app.

-Expiration period Message Window-


Are all the features provided by Swing2App for free?

Yes it is all free.

Swing2App is free for both app production and app operation.

Therefore, users can use all the features for free without any restrictions.