▶Swing2App Features FAQs

App Administrator Login

The App Administrator Menu is a service that integrates frequently used functions with apps that previously had to be operated on the Swing2App homepage.
App admin menu includes 1: 1 chat, user changes, member push sending, member notes, stamp addition, redemption, etc.
In addition to the Swing2App homepage, the above features can now be managed in the app. 

*How to Use
After running the app [Settings] → Admin login → Swing2App account login → Create administrator menu

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Swing2App Preview

Swing2App preview allows you to check in real time the app created in Swing2App.

You can check the app you created in real time by simply running the app without having to download and install APK files.

iPhone users can also use Swing2App Preview to preview their apps on their mobile phones.


*After downloading the swing2app official app – from the app preview menu – log in to your account from the swing2app homepage.

On the App Preview page, you can see a list of all the apps created in Swing2App.

[How to use swing2app preview]

Swing2App Affiliate Program

The affiliate program provided by Swing2App promotes Swing on your blog, homepage or social media, and receives a part of the sales amount of users who access your advertisement as a fee.
Anyone can become a marketer by Swing2App, and the revenue of users who access through your advertisement becomes your profit for life.

*Use the Swing2App Path
Swing2App homepage app Manager -> My menu -> Affiliate Program. You can select to apply for an affiliate and fill out the affiliate program application form.

Swing2App Free Commercial Version

The free commercial version of the app is a free app with Swing2App ads that are made available on the market (play store).
In other words, in order to register the existing free version of the app on the Play Store, you have to pay for a Swing2App ticket ($33 per month).
If you create a distribution app (free commercial version) with Swing2App Ads, you can freely register the app on Play Store even if it is created for free.

How to use
1. After making App Creation Request in the Maker(V2), we will recreate a new version of the app.
2. Manage Version – Go to the Production History menu.
3. Once the Android app is complete, please select the Download APK button for distribution. A free version of the APK file containing the ad will be sent by e-mail in about 5 to 10 minutes.
4. After downloading and verifying the app on your mobile phone, the user registers and uses the app in the PlayStore. 

1. The free version app with ads is only available on Android.
2. Swing2App only provides APK files, so users must register the app directly in the PlayStore.
* We do not provide uploading agency agents separately. Therefore, you must create a Google developer account to use the PlayStore.
You can check how to register the Play Store app and Google Developer account by entering the search term in the help site search box.
Services provided to paid users, such as increased app storage capacity and failure response, are not applicable.
4. Ads that are mounted in the app are applied in a style such as banners, pop-ups, etc., and you can send your own ad push notifications.
5. Swing2App version 1.0 and version 2.0 are not available, and the service is not supported for prototypes apps created with web view and push menus.
6. The free version of the app with the advertisement can be modified from time to time, and you can post updates to the PlayStore.

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Copy Bulletin Board

The copy board feature allows you to copy posts from a particular bulletin board to another. When you want to move the posts from one board to another bulletin board, you can move all the bulletin board posts at once using the Board Copy function without having to copy and move them individually.

* Use the Swing2App Path
Swing2app Manager page -> Posts -> When you enter the bulletin board you want to work on in the post management menu, the Board Copy button is set.
(Every bulletin board is set by default even if you don’t add a copy board)

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Bulk Registration Board

A Batch Board not only allow you to post on one bulletin board, but it’s a feature that allows you to register the same article on all of the bulletin boards you want. If you want to post the same post on multiple bulletin boards, you can register them all in bulk by using the Batch Board.

* How to use
1. Go to Manager -> Posts -> Batch Board menu.
2.If you press Select a Bulletin Board, a batch registration board will be open.
3.If you look at the post management menu, you can see the bulletin board created.

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Resource Management (App Capacity Management)

Resource management is a menu to manage your app’s capacity.
The free version of Swing2app provides 100MB of basic capacity, and the paid version app provides 2GB-50GB of basic capacity.
You can check the basic capacity and current usage of the app using the Swing2App Resources menu.
If you exceed the provided basic capacity, the use of the app is limited, so please check your current app capacity.

* Path:  Manager -> Services -> Resources menu, you can check the available capacity and current usage of the app. 
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Location Registration (Map) Bulletin Board

The location registration (map) bulletin board is a bulletin board service that shows the address, map, and directions of the company operating the app.
The address of the business is exposed on the map and may guide you on your way.
This can be useful when you need to expose the company’s address and directions to users using the app.
The location registration provided by Swing2App can register not only the map, but also the company address, homepage, phone number linkage, and image.

* Path:
Manager -> Services -> Bulletin Board – Press the Create Board button – You can check the Location Registration function for the service purpose.
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Bulletin Board Form

A bulletin board creation form is a bulletin board that is created by an administrator by specifying the components of the form. In other words, you can create a form within the bulletin board that allows the administrator to configure the type of questionnaire that the administrator wants so that users can answer the question. For example, when you sign up, you can create a form to write down questions such as your name, date of birth, email, and phone number.

* Utilization TIP

1. Shopping mall where payment is not linked.
eg. Order (number), ordering basic information, delivery place, order type management

2. Form form in the form of job application form.
eg. name, photo, contact detail, address, self-introduction, motivation of application, expected salary  

3. In addition, you can create and utilize the style of form you want when you need to receive information and related content from users using the app.

*Route: Manager -> Services -> Bulletin Board -> Service Management > Select Create Bulletin Board  Select the Compose menu in the board settings window You can set the form you want by checking whether or not to use the form.

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Since announcements are sent as notification messages on your mobile phone, they are highly promoted, and can be easily used by anyone because you only need to enter images and push content. 

You can also apply link to push, so if you select Push, you can go to the website or apply the link to a menu you want, such as a bulletin board.

* Path:
Manager -> Push & Members -> Send Push
Manager -> Posts -> You can send push directly from the bulletin board.

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Pop-ups are also push-like features that are ideal for event and event announcements. You can display a pop-up window within the app, and the pop-up can be created by the administrator. 

After you register the image in a pop-up, you can apply a link to that pop-up to go to the relevant page.

Pop-up singing is also great for short-term advertising and promotion.

Go to Manager -> Services -> Pop-ups page.

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Survey management

All menus in the Services are user-friendly.
Survey management is  a survey function for members who use the app. 
*Utilization TIP
eg. App satisfaction test, promotional surveys for events and community apps can increase the participation of members by setting a certain topic and conducting a questionnaire survey.

There are many ways to use the Survey menu. Survey management also provides tools in Swing2App. 

Users can create their own questionnaire by selecting questions and answers, multiple choice & short descriptive answer.

*PATH: Go to Manager -> Services -> ​​Surveys page.

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Group Chat

Group chat allows multiple users to chat at the same time, and multiple users can chat with administrators.
You can also set chat room permissions, set up a secret chat room, and paid users can create up to five to unlimited chat rooms depending on the usage rights, so you can run a chat room for each member group.

* Path: Manager -> Services -> Bulletin Board -> Press the Create Bulletin Board button to create a bulletin board – You can check the Conversation function for the service purpose.

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1:1 chat (Admin chat)

1:1 chat between the app manager and members using the app.
Members can send a chat message to the manager from App-Chat menu, and the manager can use chat on Swing2App website or mobile site.
Administrators can also chat directly from the app using the in-app administrator login feature.
In addition to 1:1 chats, you can also chat with a group chat manager and multiple users.

1) Administrators selects a member in the member inquiry and selects the button to chat
2) After launching the app, log in to the app manager and select a member to chat
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Bulletin board basics

The default bulletin board is the initial value fixed to the bulletin board. 

In other words, this function allows users to enter posts according to the standard set by the administrator when writing. 

The default settings are written in accordance with the form of the app, so you can avoid indiscriminate use of bulletin boards and create a pleasant bulletin board experience for all users.

Utilization TIP
eg. Self-introduction bulletin board: If you set your name, age, place of residence, hobby, specialty, and blood type as default text, users can only enter the answers that match the question. In addition, administrators can only collect the information they want. 

 * Path: Manager -> Services -> Bulletin Board ->  After selecting the bulletin board click on Settings

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Bulletin Board Header

The bulletin board header is an upgraded function of the default bulletin  board, creating a header space at the top of the bulletin board to apply the bulletin board image and post thumbnail.

You can create posts in the form of thumbnails and slide to view the list. You can apply post thumbnails to the headers in the order specified by the administrator by applying priority to the posts.

*Utilization TIP
1. When highlighting events and announcements to users
2. When you want to post old posts in the previous order
3. When you want to rearrange the order of posts

◆ Board header: Manager -> Services -> Bulletin Board – After selecting the bulletin board click on Settings button – Select Advanced style
◆ Post priority: Go to the Manager -> Posts -> Click on post with the bulletin board header – Select Header-shaped(pin) icon and list the order
[View Bulletin Board Header Settings Post Go!]

Bulletin Board New Alarm Setting

The new post alarm is a function that lets you push an alarm in real time when a new post is registered on a bulletin board.

If you select a member who wants to receive an alarm(notification) in Bulletin Board Administrator page, push alarm will be sent to that member.
Therefore, the app manager does not necessarily send new alarms, you must specify a member to receive new alarms separately.

How to use

Manager → Services → Bulletin Board → Settings button(selecting the bulletin board from the list of boards)

Move to the third menu, Administrator setting menu, in the board setting window.

1) Select New Alarm Setting button.
2) The Member Group window will open, and select the member to receive the alarm from all members.
​3) Press the Select button.
4) Finally, press the Save button
The new alarm will only be sent on the bulletin board with the alarm applied. (It doesn’t apply to all bulletin boards)
If you want to receive all bulletin board alarm, go to all bulletin board settings applied to the app and apply a new alarm. 
Set up a Bulletin Board Administrator

Bulletin board administrator is a function that is applied only to bulletin board app management permissions.
If administrator and sub-administrator privileges can manage the entire app, the bulletin board administrator can be used as giving permission to manage a specific bulletin board.

*Path: Manager -> Services –> ​​Bulletin Board – Select the bulletin board and then click Settings button- Applicable in the administrator settings.
[View the bulletin board administrator settings post Go!]

User Page – HTML Editor Page

The HTML editor page provided by the user page is  a page builder that allows you to freely place images and text.
You can create text and images freely as if you are posting in a blog or cafe.
The main feature is that you can apply web links, videos, text effects, etc., so you can freely create the style you want.

[View how to create html editor pages]

User Page – Web Template Page

The template page creator provided by the user page provides a variety of templates from different industries, with design tools.
You can register images, add or delete images in the provided template tool, and use various functions such as social media linkage and link linking.
The template page has all the design tools, so you can choose and use it according to your style.

Create your app with the ease of using custom templates from the industry offered by Swing2App.

* Instructions for use (guide)
1. After accessing the Swing2App homepage, go to the Maker(V2) page.
2. Select User’s Page in the menu type settings window in step 3 page menu, and then click on link wizard icon(pencil) at the bottom.
3. You can see three page authoring tools: image map, web template page and HTML editor page.
You can create and add template pages by selecting Add Web Template pages.
4. After creating the template, the template you created is imported into the desired menu and applied.

[View how to use the template page]

User Page – Image Page

Image pages are custom editor tools you create.
You can edit an image to apply a link to it and apply a tooltip.
You can apply various links to images, which can be useful when creating an app.

* Utilization TIP
1. When multiple web links need to be applied to one image. eg. Applicable to several links instead of one link such as homepage, blog, etc
2. When multiple bulletin board links should be applied to one image. eg. Notice bulletin board, multiple boards can be applied to links, such as free board.
3. If you want to include a more detailed description  on the image, you can apply the ‘tool tip’ to make the message appear.
4. Banners workable – create an image banner style, Apply the link by specifying its region.

*PATH: Maker(V2) –> Page Menu –>User’s page can create image page

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Link Wizard

Link Wizard is an upgraded feature that allows you to apply existing links.
If only existing website links were available, link wizards could link to bulletin board links, dial ing links, send mail links, swing page links. You can apply links in a variety of ways, such as links to user pages and file attachments.
eg. If you apply the notice board link to push or pop-up, the page will move to that bulletin board.

*Utilization TIP
1. When you want to apply a pop-up link to the in-app announcement board.
2. When you want to apply a pop-up link to a specific post among the bulletin boards.
3. Events When you want to apply a pop-up link to the survey menu.
4. When you want to apply a pop-up link to the user page created in Swing2App.
5. When you open a pop-up and you want to apply a phone connection to your company’s customer service center.

Path: You can check the Link Wizard menu in the pop-up or push function

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Private App

By default, the apps you create on the swing are freely available to all users. However, if your app isn’t open to all users due to its nature, you can create a private app.
Private apps allow users to sign up, and administrators can approve their membership on the management site.
Once approved, users will be able to use the app, and users will not be able to use the app unless it is approved.

* Path: Manger -> Services -> Policy – Select App Subscription Policy page. and set the service visibility to Private.
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